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Publishing Acts I & II

Publishing Acts is an ongoing series of experimental urban investigations on publishing as a spatializing practice. The project and the resulting publications have been produced in the framework of the Future Architecture platform, co-funded by the EU Creative Europe program.

The project is also available online at www.publishingacts.eu

Pula Documents

Edited by Ana Dana Beroš, Rebekka Kiesewetter and Emil Jurcan
Published by DAI-SAI
Printed by Praksa Coop
September 2017

Contributors Rebekka Kiesewetter, Sofia Dona, Microcities (Mariabruna Fabrizi & Fosco Lucarelli), Léopold Lambert, Selim Projects (Mika Savela & Henrik Drufva)

Publishing Acts I, was a collective exploration about instant, collaborative and open-ended socio-political imaginaries about the city of Pula, resulted in a silk print publication - Pula Documents (2017). It was distributed by hand, a performative gesture by which not only a printed product was imparted but also the engagement with the topics it contains.

Šibenik Alternating Currents

Edited by Ana Dana Beroš, Rebekka Kiesewetter and Emil Jurcan
Published by DAI-SAI and dpr-barcelona
ISBN 9788494938832
194 p, ills colour & bw, 11 x 18 cm, pb, English
February 2019

Publishing Acts II embodied a critical reflection on dominant processes, methods and frames for architectural knowledge production. By perceiving publishing as a processual device for multi-vocal negotiation - Šibenik Alternating Currents (2018) - was materialized as a print-on-demand matter and coproduced with dpr-barcelona.

With contributions from Maite Borjabad López-Pastor, CARTHA, Miruna Dunu, Jason Hilgefort, Sonja Leboš, Armina Pilav, Soba DAŠ, Selim Projects, Lana Stojićević, and Tania Tovar Torres.

Available at Idea Books.