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There’s is something perpetually transcending about the idea of contemporaries – people who live through and witness a particular period in time, as perhaps existentially irreversible moments and impressions.

S’lim is a zine edited and created by us and the people and projects we encounter, focusing on a particular place at a time, merging the contemporary and the historical experiences of visiting, living, staying and theorizing.

At the same time, S’lim is an experimental publication project, started as a response to "everything becoming available" in a multitude of media, geographies and archival existences. Each issue is choicely "slim" (with 32 A4 pages + covers) when seen on its own, stretched over time. But as the issues might be stacked together, they also become a method of accumulating, producing and collecting.

ISSN 2343-1016 (online)

ISSN 2343-1024 (print)

Most issues of S’lim are available for online viewing, but we try get each issue out there also in print. If you’re interested, let us know or check out our online store.

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For issues #4-6 S'lim has been supported by the National Council for Architecture and Design, Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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