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Doing It

Between 2015-2017, we've developed a curatorial thematic addressing the evolving and elusive condition of “doing” as the main inquiry for our contribution and participation in a curatorial program at the Charsoo Art & Culture Centre in Tehran, organized by curator Fereshte Moosavi.

"We feel that practicing (if that indeed is the right word) in the contemporary world requires some form of conformation to the changes around us. Regardless of our personal tastes or opinions, for the curatorial discipline, there isn’t really any point in lamenting the ails of the modern world. Instead, that is the practitioner’s job. One of the central themes for us has been the relationship that “doing” today has with the digitalization of culture, and how aware should the contemporary practitioner be (or not be) about the expanding conditions of curatorial work vs. its growing appearances.

...In our practice, we honestly feel at times both very much connected and slightly out of touch with the world. Navigating and surviving the post-practice world has become a skill on its own, but this floating feeling has somewhat become the new normal...

...We think there is an analogy to the poor image that arises from our experiences. It’s called “poor practice” – which at first doesn’t sound too flattering, unless it merely is a reference to operating with meager resources. But similarly, to Hito Steyrl’s quote on poor images, the question is not really about the quality of the work but the context and the touching points to the real moments of now that exist around us. In some ways, a poor practice is the curatorial practice that has little agency, little influence and few followers. But sometimes poor practice is the only practice that works on the realities at hand."

—Excerpts from Doing It - Friendly Notes From a Peripatetic Post-Practice

Lecture and workshop, May 2016, Tehran

Panel Discussion 7th Tehran Sculpture Biennale, Session No. 3
Inhabiting States of Affairs
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 26 May 2017

Presentation at Curatorial in Other Words
Curatorial Symposium, 27-28 May 2017, Tehran

Contribution to publication, fall 2017


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