S’lim Issue 7 – Adria (July 2022)

Sonja Leboš
Darko Fritz
Andreja Kulunčić
Božena Končić Badurina
Maja Marković
Lana Stojićević
Armina Pilav
Karla Crnčević

Special Thanks to
M28, artist-run space, Zagreb

While we think of S’lim as a “choicely slim” collection of contemporaneities, the Adria issue is a result of a longer time editorial framework. The issue stems from our experiences around architecture, urbanities, publishing and getting to know people and organisations along different settings along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea.

The slow-paced pandemic process of putting the issue together with issue editor Ana Dana Beroš, we have (oh, easily!) managed to extend our past interactions and bygone summer days into a long-distance exchange and communication over the current turbulent and crisis ridden years.

We locate this issue along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, which has always been an interface, receiving visitors and interactions throughout history. But the charms of the azure coastline are also colored with varied powers and past regimes, conflicts, modernization, ideology, and nostalgia, as well as questions of economic dependency, land use, mass consumption, property development and citizenship.

Thus, it made sense especially after first meeting with Sonja Leboš in Šibenik and
then learning more of the thinking and activities of siva )( zona on the island of Korčula, that we, too, would realign our editorial discussions as tangents of Critical Tourism, a research line initiated by their programming.

Under an editorial construct called Adria, this issue gathers thinking and contemporary cultural notes as well as archival snippets, with hopes of weaving together something akin to an experience of a nostalgic road trip along the coastal highway, while staying acutely aware of the rapidly accumulating crisis around us.

Read more on the burning red pages of Adria. The issue is available as a small print run (inquiries info@selim.fi) – as well as online below.